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DC 3V 12 mA 315/433MHz copy remote control

DC 3V 12 mA 315/433MHz copy remote control

DC 3V 12 mA 315/433MHz copy remote control

10 pcs
Payment terms
Packed in master carton, each in individual small bag
Delivery time
7-10 days after payment
Payment method
30% deposit,70% balance before shipment
Supply capacity
100,000 per month
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Quantity Needed:


Model :    


Name : 

AK-200406 copy remote control

Working voltage :  


Working current:≤12mA

Copy range:

2260/2264/2262/2240/1527/1528/FP527/SMC918, etc.

Modulation method:  


Number of keys :     

4 Keys

Transmission distance : 

30m(In empty environment)


71*35.5*14.5 mm  


16.6 g


 Copy Method:

1. Code clearing method: press and hold the lock/unlock buttons at the same time until the LED indicator flashes 3 times and then release the unlock button (press the lock button all the time), press the unlock button three times and the indicator light will blinks continuously, indicating that the code is clear successfully.


2. Duplicate operation: After the code is cleared, put the old remote control and the copy remote control close together, press and hold the button to be copied and any button of the remote control at the same time, until the indicator light on the copy remote control flashes After five times, it keeps on, indicating that the copy is successful.


(If the copy is unsuccessful, please repeat the above method carefully. In order to ensure the success rate of the copy, the old remote control and the copy remote control should not be too far apart when copying. It is best to keep the two remote controls close to each other when copying. Together.)


3. Code recovery: After clearing the code, before copying the new data, you can recover the last used data through the following operations. When pressing the two buttons on the remote control at the same time, wait for three seconds to see that the LED indicator flashes continuously and the data recovery function is completed, which means that all the buttons are restored to store data.

The company has a variety of wireless remote controls that are widely used in smart homes, remote control switches, remote control water pump switches, remote control the positive and negative alternation of motor, remote control motor forward and reverse, remote control socket, remote control LED, remote control audio, remote control electric doors, remote control garage doors, remote control retractable doors, remote control rolling gates, remote control curtains, alarm panels, alarms, remote control motorcycles, remote control electric cars, remote control MP3, remote control lights, remote control cars, anti-theft security host remote control, and other civil and industrial supporting remote control fields ,with the advantages of simple supporting, safe and reliable.


Remote control features:

1.Non-directional, the characteristics of wireless remote control are non-directional, non-face-to-face control, long distance (It can reach tens of meters, or even several kilometers), which is very suitable for long-distance penetration or non-directional control fields, such as garage door remote control, industrial control etc.

3.The coding capacity is large, the number of address codes is greater than 100,000 groups, and the probability of recode is extremely small when using.
4.The code is easy to match, the rolling code has the function of learning and storing, without using a soldering iron, the code can be matched at the user's site, and a receiver can learn up to 14 different transmitters, which has a high degree of flexibility in use.

2.Strong confidentiality, the code is automatically changed after each launch, others cannot use the code detector to obtain the address code.

5.The probability of error code is small. Due to the advantages of coding, the error action of the receiver when it does not receive the native code is almost zero.

Need to know before buying

I、Buying a learning code remote control requires the same frequency as the receiver, and the receiver has a remote control learning function.

II、Buy a fixed code remote control, it can be used one-to-one or one-to-many when matched with the receiver. Different codes must be compiled when one-to-one, and the following three conditions must be met when one-to-many
a)Make the same code
b)Same working frequency
c)Oscillation resistance and coding are correct


This remote control can copy most of fixed code and learning code series remote controls, and is mainly suitable for rolling shutters, retractable doors, and garage doors, barriers and so on.
To identify the working frequency, remote control chip, oscillation resistance, and coding method, please refer to the figure below:





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