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high-power three button curtain remote control

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high-power three button curtain remote control

high-power three button curtain remote control

high-power three button curtain remote control

Payment terms
Packed in master carton, each in individual small bag
Delivery time
7-10 days after payment
Payment method
30% deposit,70% balance before shipment
Supply capacity
100,000 per month
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Model :                                                                     AK-1000-3

Name :                                                                      High-power three button curtain remote control                       

      Indicator light:                                                          Red (default), green, blue, yellow, other are optional.

Battery specification:                                                23A 12V L1028

Working current:                                                      10~15mA

Working frequency:                                                  315M (default), 433.92M. SAW frequency stabilization ±75KHZ, other special frequency can be customized.

Output power:                                                          16dBm (40mW)

Standby current:                                                       0mA

Modulation method:                                                 OOK, 1~4Kbs rate.

      Working temperature:                                              -10℃~+70℃

Number of keys :                                                   3 keys.

Transmission distance :                                         100m in an open area (the sensitivity of the receiving board in an open area is above -100dBm)

Size :                                                                         L122.3*W46.7*H24mm

      Coding scheme:                                                       SCT2260 (default) 2262 EV1527 HSC301 MCU all in one;      2260/2262: 3.3M/4.7M (default)      EV1527: 330K/470K/680K


Aout Us

Aoke Electronic Co., LTD is a manufacturer of wireless remote control integrating production and sales. It is also an industrial wireless remote control, wireless remote control switch, high-power wireless remote control, medium-power wireless remote control, wireless transceiver module wholesale direct manufacturers!

Need to know before buying

Consistent working frequency
The working frequency of the the selected wireless remote control shoule be the same as the original one. At present, the common remote control frequency on the market are 315MHZ/330MHZ/390MHZ/430MH/433MHZ (usually are 315MHZ and 433MHZ). The frequency of most remote controls can be distinguish by the face value on the crystal oscillator. 

Consistent coding chip 

Learning code    HS1527/EV 1527/HT6P20B, etc.
Fixed code         HS2260/HS2262/PT2264, etc.
Rolling code      HCS301/HCS300/HCS200, etc. (If it is HCS rolling code, the brand must be consistent)
The encoding chip of the remote control can be viewed by disassembling the PCB board of the remote control. 

Consistent oscillation resistance
When configuring the wireless remote control, the fixed code and the learning code oscillating resistance should be the same.
The resistance value of the oscillation resistance can be checked at the specified pin of the chip.

Consistent coding data 
The coded data of the wireless remote control should be the same. If it is a fixed code remote control, please weld the data pins accordingly. If it is a learning code remote control, you need to match code with a receiver with learning function.


If the original wireless remote control is a fixed code or a learning code.You feel that the pairing is still too complicated and  don’t understand the match method, you can contact our customer service to answer your questions. Of course, you can also choose the copy type wireless remote control.The copy type remote control is simple to operate, only need to copy with the original remote control.


Remote control features:

1.Non-directional, the characteristics of wireless remote control are non-directional, non-face-to-face control, long distance (It can reach tens of meters, or even several kilometers), which is very suitable for long-distance penetration or non-directional control fields, such as garage door remote control, industrial control etc.

3.The coding capacity is large, the number of address codes is greater than 100,000 groups, and the probability of recode is extremely small when using.
4.The code is easy to match, the rolling code has the function of learning and storing, without using a soldering iron, the code can be matched at the user's site, and a receiver can learn up to 14 different transmitters, which has a high degree of flexibility in use.

2.Strong confidentiality, the code is automatically changed after each launch, others cannot use the code detector to obtain the address code.

5.The probability of error code is small. Due to the advantages of coding, the error action of the receiver when it does not receive the native code is almost zero.

Application areas

This remote control is used in the remote control curtain control system. It adopts SMT precision mounting technology which can be used in various tubular motors and synchronous motors, curtains, projection screens, various door control systems and other intelligent controllers.It can realize positive rotation, reverse rotation and stop command through remote control.The using method are remote control and manual operation for free choice.



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